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Preservation of Oral Traditions

Much of ancient Indian literature was passed down generations through oral methods of communication. While India has been home to many ancient languages and scripts, many languages developed their scripts as recently as a couple of hundred years ago, so that their oral traditions could be recorded for posterity. Such an exercise poses several challenges including the need to be true to the original text. This session will examine various attempts to preserve oral traditions within the country and find ways to encourage and further develop such initiatives.


  • Recording in original texts and in translation
  • Development of markets/marketing
  • Maintaining integrity of texts
  • Ensuring that languages are also preserved by publishing in them
  • Ensuring proper archival and preservation methods
  • Developing a strong translation support system
  • Developing scholarship in oral traditions
  • Making publishing of oral texts attractive to publishers




  • Venetia Kotamraju, Rasala Books »
  • Arun Maheshwari, Vani Prakashan »
  • Desmond Kharmawphlang, NEHU »
  • Ganesh Devy, Bhasha Research Centre »
  • Nilima Sinha, AWIC »