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Expanding the Publishing Pie – Investment in the Publishing Sector:

One constant refrain from those watching the publishing industry is that the same books are being written over and over again. This does not bode well for a culture steeped in learning and in storytelling. While new writers must be identified and encouraged to write, what are needed are also new publishing houses that will not hesitate to experiment with new writing forms or provide a platform for disparate voices. This session will discuss how new publishers can be developed and the publishing ecosystem expanded.


  • Understanding why few new publishing houses are being set up
  • Making publishing a glamour job
  • Workshops, etc. to help publishers get started
  • Low cost funding for publishers
  • Mentorship for new publishers
  • Co-op methods for selling and distribution
  • Incentives to work with new genres
  • Digital-only imprints
  • Understanding other aspects of book publishing such as distribution and marketing. Do digital-only imprints make better sense?
  • Unique aspects of Indian language publishing




  • Sunita Singh, NEN »
  • K. Muralitharan, Madurai Press »
  • R. Sriram,Next Practice Retail »
  • Rajesh Jog, Waygate Capital »
  • Subhromoni De, Chattim Books (Kolkata) »
  • Sumit Bhattacharjee, National Book Trust »