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Getting Rookies On Board – the discovery and engagement of new authors

For new stories to be told and new ideas to be expressed, an infusion of new authors is often deemed necessary. This session will discuss how new authors can be encouraged to write and what must be the essential ingredients of an ecosystem that promotes new writing. Issues related to author and reader expectations will also be discussed.


  • Methods to encourage creative/non-fiction writing
  • Managing publisher expectations
  • Making the process easier for authors to approach publishers and understand the demands of the industry
  • Promotion of new writers
  • Development of workshops, etc. that will encourage writing
  • Indian language writing
  • Understanding problems that writers face
  • Encouraging writers to experiment with writing/genres
  • Encouraging writers from the blogosphere to engage in the longer form




  • Rakesh Khanna, Blaft Publications »
  • Anil Menon, Author and Author Workshop Co-ordinator (via Weblink) »
  • Annie Zaidi, Author »
  • Tanushree Hazarika, Eclectic Publications »
  • Vatsala Kaul-Banerjee, Hachette India »
  • Vinutha Mallya, Publishing Consultant and Columnist »