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Re-configuring the book – Leveraging digital technologies for effective story-telling

The manner in which digital technology has evolved, and that at an overwhelming pace, has allowed creative minds to enhance the process of story-telling through digital media. This technology has evolved both in its creation and its dissemination. This session will explore how publishers and content creators can collaborate to develop a rich story-telling experience.


  • Selecting stories apt for digital technologies
  • Understanding technologies apt for digital development
  • Processes for conversion from text to image
  • Marketing of books
  • Usage of Indian fonts /motifs
  • Costs of development (ROI)



  • Brij Singh, Fliplog »
  • Dilip Kumar, Great Minds Media »
  • Jai Zende, booksTALK audiobooks »
  • Jagdish Repaswal »
  • Pratheek Thomas »