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Jagdish Repaswal

Jagdish RepaswalJagdish Repaswal is the founder and CEO of MangoReader and has been building and scaling consumer web-sites for over 10 years. Most recently, he helped build the platform of DimensionU for educational allowance and using educational content in a gamified way with multimedia and games. He also co-founded Bridg.Me, a simple conference calling solution and MangoSense Technologies (social and mobile learning apps) and spends most of his time working on Ideas for mobile and social learning applications. He is the winner of British Council-sponsored Young Creative Awards, 2012, in the creative industries (digital) category.

While working in an educational video game company, Jagdish realised that the being imparted to kids was not fun and creativity was not involved anywhere. With MangoReader, his team is bringing books to life by making them interactive, engaging and fun. Guided by the mission to make learning fun and better, Jagdish started on MangoReader with the vision to bring books to life and making them fun, engaging, interactive and immersive. A learner can learn from videos, quizzes, animations, 3D and context based learning. Also, they can learn by collaborating, sharing, discussing all within the book creating their own personal learning network.

MangoReader allows for books to become an enabler for creativity and learning. It allows authors, content owners, creators and publishers to better create their content and target creativity as the key for learning. The platform easily integrates interactive elements and makes it straightforward for anyone to create and publish interactive books and make them available on any device seamlessly. The platform is device independent and uses HTML5 publishing to enable integration on mobile, web and tablet devices.