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Shailesh Bharatwasi

Shailesh BharatwasiThe founder-editor of Hind Yugm, Shailesh Bharatwasi is an engineering graduate but his love and affection for literature has been a continuous journey since childhood. Shailesh, at the start of his professional pursuit, chose not to opt for any type of traditional employment. Instead he channeled his entrepreneurial passion towards popularising a wide array of Hindi applications in software world of internet. He is acclaimed as the first full-time blogger in Hindi. In the past 8 years he has introduced a large number of educational institutions, literary and non-literary groups to the power and beauty of Hindi Unicode typing, blogging and various other subtleties of the fast-growing social media sphere. More importantly, Bharatwasi has immensely succeeded in pioneering a new wave in Hindi publishing. In addition to spotting promising storytellers, he has been breaking new grounds in offering tantalising mix of poetry, fiction and non-fiction in unconventional genres. At a time when the world of poetry publishing has been shrinking worldwide, Shailesh’s Hind Yugm has accorded a pride of place to new emerging poets. This, could be argued, is a major breakthrough in the history of poetry. He has been a powerful force in pushing the prospect of the self-publishing, especially, when the readership of Hindi literature has been shrinking. Hind Yugm has turned the corner by producing a new generation of young writers and has become a powerful trendsetter in India’s publishing history.