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Sangeeta Mamgain

Sangeeta MamgainMs Sangeeta Mehra, is Director of VRVirtual.com Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based Web Solutions Company.  In last 12 years, she has worked extensively with book publishers in conceptualizing and building web technology solutions in their customer-facing processes, specifically in the area of Customer Relationship Management. These solutions have helped publishers bring in significant efficiencies in their marketing and promotional processes, while helping them leverage their customer relationships more effectively. She has  a deep understanding of the Academic Publishing sector in India. Her other areas of interest are Online commerce and Social media. She runs an ecommerce portal selling Academic books, and also has setup a social media marketing division providing services to publishing companies.

She is interested in education, and feels that the Web offers a unique opportunity to deliver quality education at an affordable cost. Implemented effectively, a web strategy has the potential of becoming a great equalizer, giving opportunity to children who don’t have access or means to quality education. Sangeeta regularly undertakes training sessions and consults with publishing companies on effective Web Technology deployment in areas like CRM, Digital marketing, eCommerce and eContent creation and delivery.

VRVirtual specializes in conceptualizing & developing workflow-based web applications that help its customers improve productivity and substantially reduce operational costs. Their core expertise is in the CRM domain and they service various book publishing companies.