Book Cover of the Year - English



Mushtaq Hussain’s Darbari

(Yoda Press; Designed by Pinaki De)

For "a cover image that cannot be ignored. While the design itself is clean and straightforward, there is something about the collective effect of the visual and words that one cannot put a finger on. The success of this cover lies in its ability to provoke and focus attention on the visceral quality of the book’s content."


Runner Up

The Empty Room

(Zubaan; Designed by Sukruti Anah Staneley)

Book Cover of the Year - Indian Languages



Raag Pahadi

(Rajkamal Prakashan; Designed by Anil Ahuja)

For "a cover that is brilliantly understated and simple; it retains a seriousness while adding an elegance and depth that the subject deserves. There is a respect in the choice of restrained tones, fitting for the book."


Runner Up

Ghachar Ghochar

(Vani Prakashan; Designed by Shoeb Shahid)

Book Cover of the Year - Children's Books



A Very Naughty Bear

(Scholastic India ; Designed by Suvidha Mistry)

For "a cover that is simple yet effectively fits into the childrens book genre through very sweet character design. It is refreshing to see minimal interference of digital art in design for once. The cover's clean and simple design is very effective in communicating itself to its target audience."


Runner Up

The Jungle Radio

(Penguin Random House India; Designed by Devangana Dash)

Printed Book of the Year - English



A Respectable Woman


For "an exquisitely produced book, with a splendid cover that reflects the restraint and stark beauty that is associated with Ms. Kire's writing, and a meticulously designed interior."


Runner Up

Across the Universe: The Beatles in India

Penguin Random House India

Printed Book of the Year - Indian Languages



M F Husain – Kala ka Karmyogi

Niyogi Books

For "a book that does justice to the subject through the use of well crafted and perfectly executed design."


Runner Up

Angan Mein Ek Ped

Yatra Books

Printed Children's Book of the Year (Ages 0-8)



Nani’s Walk to the Park

Pratham Books

For "a book that carries many worlds within it--quiet and noisy, rich and poor. Its beautiful, detailed illustrations are, in fact, an exuberant celebration of the diversity we often fail to notice. Gorgeously produced--its sheer size communicates the vastness of every neighbourhood--'Nani's Walk to the Park' is as much for the eyes as for the soul."


Runner Up

Soda and Bonda

Tulika Publishers

Runner Up

In My Heart

Penguin Random House India

Printed Children's Book of the Year (Ages 8+)



Machher Jhol

Pickle Yolk Books

For "a book whose each spread is thoughtfully presented, and in which the text and visuals complement each other beautifully. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed, and it is easy to see that much effort has been taken over them. A reader's delight."


Runner Up

Spreading Your Wings


Illustrated Book of the Year



Vivan Sundaram Is Not a Photographer: The Photographic Work of Vivan Sundaram

Tulika Books

For "an excellent addition to books on photography produced from India. The book is a serious dialogue on the art and craft and the boundaries to which it can be stretched. The choice of paper makes it easier to connect with the artwork, the life depicted in the photographs and the dynamics between the photographer, the photograph and the various layers in-between. The text is well edited and the page layout is splendid."


Runner Up

Calcutta Then, Kolkata Now

Roli Books

Publisher of the Year



Duckbill Books

For "engaging with relevant topics, to which children of our time need exposure; for consciously moving away from the pedantic model in children's publishing, and helping create models in children's minds that promote an ability to differentiate various kinds of information; for clearly defined publishing aims; for choices in terms of content and approach that are very well aligned; and for the twin effort to both anchor in the familiar, and extend into new areas."


Runner Up

HarperCollins India

Jury 2019