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Praveena Shivram

praveena-shivramPraveena Shivram is a writer and Consultant Editor of Culturama, the country’s only free cultural magazine. Her association with Culturama began eight years ago, allowing her to take on various roles and responsibilities from Editorial Coordinator to Associate Editor, Managing Editor, to a Consultant. Praveena’s primary responsibility is to ideate, plan content, implement the ideas through a strong network of Indian and expatriate writers, and oversee production for the magazine.

Praveena’s passion for Culturama is intrinsic to the company that publishes it – Global Adjustments (www.globaladjustments.com) – that believes in the deep wisdom and wide insights India’s many stories have to share. Culturama, therefore, becomes an important tool in fostering the company’s vision of peace through culture as a viable and attainable future. Praveena’s goal is to make India accessible, easy to navigate, and immensely cherished, through the powerful, and often magical, world of the written word.

Praveena holds a Masters in Writing for Performance and Publication from the University of Leeds, UK, and a PG Diploma in Social Communications Media from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai.

Praveena can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/praveena.shivram