r PN 2019 Schedule - Publishing Next
  • 19 Sept 2019, Thursday
  • 20 Sept 2019, Friday
  • 21 Sept 2019, Saturday
  • 22 Sept 2019, Sunday

Time Session
3.30-5.30pmMasterclass: On Editing
...Read More
6.00-7.00pmAuthor/Editor Relationships

Open Mic discussion following brief introduction of talking points
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8.30pmSpeakers' Dinner

Time Session
9:45-10:00amOpening Remarks
10:00-11:30amPanel Discussion: On book retail, especially on the role of the distributor in
the book chain
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12:00-1:30pmPanel Discussion: On the impact of self-publishing on established
publishing practices and author expectations of publishers ...Read More
2:30-4:00pmWorkshop: Author-Publisher Contracts
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4:30-6:30pmMasterclass: On the book production process
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8:30pmNetworking Dinner

Time Session
10:00-11:30amPanel Discussion: On the new trend of collaborations between publishing,
whether co-publishing, or distribution/sales collaborations ...Read More
12:00-1:30pmPanel Discussion: On the factors that contribute to the sustainability and
continuity of a publishing business, especially of independent publishing
houses ...Read More
2:30-4:30pmMasterclass: Book promotion and marketing
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5:00-6:30pmOpen Mic: On book reviews, the changing concept of reviews in a
social media-led environment, encouraging more “review spaces”
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6:30pmAwards presentation

Time Session
10:00-11:30amPanel Discussion: On the economics of translation, especially with
so many publishers engaging in translations,on academic translations
into Indian languages, and their feasibiility, ...Read More
12:00-1:30pmPanel Discussion: On the almost disappearing class of publishers
that used to propogate a set of values, and what that means for
diverse publishing, as also of the role of the author in supporting
publishing houses that “went against the grain” ...Read More