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Anurima Roy

AnurimaAnurima Roy looks after Marketing & Publicity for Bloomsbury India and is responsible for marketing, publicity and social media for the Trade, Academic and Children’s lists. She began her career at Oxford University Press in 2002, starting out as an ELT Editor and going on to become the Development Editor. Anurima then moved on to the hotel industry where she spearheaded the Relationships’ Marketing profile with a hotel chain for a little while, but moved back into publishing to spend a significant five years at Hachette India as Publicity Manager.

An ardent reader of fiction, especially historical fiction, Anurima believes that content is king but it is marketing that sells books and makes authors. She feels that the responsibility of a publisher is mainly to develop reading tastes of people by exposing them to a greater variety of literature and imagination, and not just cater to the demand in the market. She enjoys working with both first time authors and established ones with a slight edge over the former since it’s more exciting.