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Vaa. Manikandan

Vaa ManikandanAn established blogger, poet and fiction writer in Tamil, Vaa. Manikandan was born and grew up in Karattadipalayam, a rural village in Tamil Nadu, and completed his schooling in the nearby town of Gobichettipalayam.

Having written on complicated subjects in simple and lucid manner, with the objective of reaching out to more readers, his columns on various Internet-based platforms have grown to be immensely popular. He has written for more than twelve years, has published many books – two collections of poetry, a novella, a book of his own experiences, a book on cyber crimes and their varied dimensions, and maintains a well-renowned blog, www.nisaptham.com

He has published his last two books himself and, as a self publisher, he continues to encourage many young authors to publish their own books themselves. He believes that self-published authors must engage in the right kind of marketing at the opportune time.

The writer and blogging enthusiast has an altruistic side to him, his keen interest in philanthropy prompted him to set up a Trust call ‘Nisaptham’. The Trust, whose main source of support are readers of his blog, has supported educational institutions, as well as individuals in Tamil Nadu with their medical and educational needs. During the financial year 2014-2015 alone, Nisaptham disbursed funds of more than 15 lac rupees.

Presently Vaa. Manikandan, an M.Tech graduate, works as an IT Consultant in Bangalore.​