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Uddipana Goswami

photoUddipana Goswami is a poet and writer based in Guwahati. She is editor of Northeast Review, an online journal of arts and literature. Her published works include a poetry collection, We Called the River Red: Poetry from a Violent Homeland (2010) and an edited volume, Indira Goswami: Passion and the Pain (2012). Among her forthcoming books are an academic study, Conflict and Reconciliation: The Politics of Ethnicity in Assam (Routledge), a collection of short stories, No Ghosts in This City and Other Stories (Zubaan) and an anthology of folktales retold, Where We Come From, Where We Go: Tales from the Seven Sisters (Westland).

Her main focus, in her writings as well as in her editorial and publishing ventures, is the Northeast of India. It is her belief that this geo-political periphery is fast acquiring a central position in many new discourses in mainland India, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Unless a balanced and objective (yet insider) perspective is provided for the worldwide audience, the myths and stereotypes about the region will only take new forms. The region itself will never emerge out of the misconceptions it remains veiled in. With Northeast Review, and also as a contributing editor of Muse India, her efforts have always been in the same direction.

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