Sugata Ghosh

From making books to being in the business of food—what on the surface may look like an unexpected turn, in reality isn’t really so. Sugata has always been a connoisseur of anything associated with food (cuisines, craft, places and chefs – to name a few)—he loves experimenting with his palates and he loves experimenting in his home kitchen. Unknown to most, he, for long, has had this dream of owning a day cafe. One fine afternoon he decided to start living the other life he had been dreaming about. And he took that leap from managing businesses to co-owning one.

A trained economist, a hoarder (and reader) of books across genres, a music lover, and someone who gets a high from travelling—that’s him. His previous stints during the last two decades have been with media and publishing brands such as The Financial Express, Encyclopedia Britannica, SAGE Publications, and Oxford University Press. You can now find him diving deep into the science and art of all things food – with his his teen-like spunk and his passion for building businesses.