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​Subhankar Dey

​​Subhankar DeySubhankar Dey, b. 1976. Born into the family of the Deys, pioneers in Bengali book publishing and trade; father founded Dey’s Publishing (1971), primarily publishing established names in popular fiction and non-fiction, along with Dey Bookstore, a book distribution setup, that has become over the years, the single largest distributor for publishers of Bengali books in Bengal, with a national and international reach.

Closely involved in the family trade since youth, interacting with some of the most revered and lauded literary and editorial minds in Bengal.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Calcutta (1998), took up a large part of the creative and administrative responsibility of Dey’s from 2000, developing and creating books from archival resources, with subjects ranging across social sciences, women’s narratives, history, literary criticism and essays, biographies and autobiographies, collected works, theatre, cinema, performing arts and travelogues.

Presently engaged in creating an archive of manuscripts, proof copies, cover designs / artworks, memorabilia, documents and photographs that would trace the four decade long journey of his publishing house.