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Shafina Segon

Shafina SegonShafina Segon is the Head of Marketing, South Asia for the Taylor & Francis Group. She has over 16 years of experience with some of the world’s largest Information Services, Education Technology and Publishing companies – Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education and Taylor & Francis Group. She is also the author of ELT books for children, a teacher trainer and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming coach. She thinks of herself as a people’s person and would rather have been a journalist if she could have her way. She came into publishing by fate and is proud to be a part of the journey of the publishing industry that is undergoing a paradigm shift and constant transition. There is so much more to learn every day.

She strongly believes that in all of our lives – personal & professional, a lot of who we are is derived from a combination of where we have come from and the place and people we now travel alongside. Her philosophy of life to a large has been shaped by her family and overall life experiences. An ardent fan of nutrition and lifestyle management topics, she likes reading books that can bring about a paradigm shift in her thinking.

Shafina feels that change is the only constant in today’s publishing industry and endorsing it will help all of us collaboratively contribute to its evolution. She passionately believes in “The Opportunity and the Obligation to make a difference”.