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Shabnam Aggarwal

shabnam-aggarwalOver the past few years, Shabnam has honed in on a niche market that she is relatively obsessed with: disrupting education in classrooms over mobile devices. She has worked with various companies to this end, in India, Cambodia, and the US, and has worked with some of the most incredible professors, researchers, businesses, organizations, and change-makers to try and discover what has worked and what has failed in bringing high-quality education to the masses. Shabnam believes that technology is not the end-all, be-all solution but an incredible tool we can capitalize upon to truly level the playing field. She believes that all children can and will learn, it is simply a matter of the opportunities they have to learn and how their learning connects with their lives today. She also believes that most of the sexiest, easily funded educational tools out there have nothing to do with actual classroom disruption. They are quite simply quick fixes that disregard deeper systemic issues. And she believes that if you want to disrupt a classroom, you have to figure out how to help the teacher.