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In the inaugural edition in 2011, hitherto new concepts such as digital media marketing, electronic books and various “forms” of alternate publishing were discussed. From the feedback we received, we realized that the scope of discussion also had to include current practices and trends as it was imperative upon a conference of this magnitude to bring everyone within the publishing ecosystem to be on the same page.

The list of speakers (detailed profiles can be seen here) during the inaugural edition of Publishing Next included the following:

  • Alvito Barreto, Focus Bookstore, Bangalore
  • Amrita Akhil, Independent Publishers Distribution Alternatives
  • Arshia Sattar, Sangam
  • Arunava Sinha, Translator and Author
  • Atiya Zaidi, Ratna Sagar
  • Chetna, Bubble Wrapped
  • Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Mercator Institute for Media, Languages and Culture
  • G. R. Raghavender, Registrar of Copyrights, Government of India
  • Indira Chandrashekhar, Tulika Books (Delhi)
  • James Bridle, Bookkake
  • Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, columnist and publishing consultant
  • Judith Oriol, Book Attachée at the French Embassy in India
  • K. Satyanarayan, New Horizon Media
  • Kailash Balani, Balani Infotech
  • Kannan Sundaram, Kalachchuvadu
  • Kiruba Shankar, Business Blogging
  • Lipika Bhushan, Harper Collins
  • Maya Hemant, Pratham Books
  • Maegan Chadwick-Dobson, Tara Books
  • Maitreyi Kandoi, Kindle Magazine
  • Mandira Sen, Stree-Samya
  • Michael Bhaskar, Profile Books
  • Neeta Gupta, Yatra Books
  • Nikhil Pahwa, Medianama.com
  • Nilanjana Roy, literary columnist and critic
  • Payal Kumar, Sage India
  • Peter Griffin, Forbes India
  • Pranesh Prakash, Centre for Internet and Society
  • Prathibha Sastry, Jinibooks
  • Preeti Vyas, Publisher, FunOkPlease
  • Radhika Menon, Tulika Books (Chennai)
  • Ramu Ramanathan, Printweek India
  • Rubin D’Cruz, NBT
  • Sunil Patki, publishing consultant
  • Trisha Gupta, blogger and columnist
  • Ulhas Latkar, Ameya Prakashan
  • Vaishali Khandekar, Reading Hour
  • Vinutha Mallya, Booksy.in
  • Winston Cruz, National Translation Mission

Overview of the conference:

Vinutha Mallya,Publishing Perspectives:

Venkatesh K., Chief Evangelist at YourStory.in:

James Bridle, Bookkake:

Oliver Brooks, valobox.com:

Titash Neogi, themeefy.com:

Nikhil Pahwa, Medianama:

Gavin Summers, Bookmachine:


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