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Sakshi Jain

Sakshi_JainSakshi Jain is an Asst. Editor or Techno Editor as they are fondly called at the Digital Media Dept. in Dorling Kindersley, part of the newly merged Penguin Random House. She is into publishing eBooks in various formats; developing Apps and producing digital content for websites. Working for more than three years at this place, she happily affirms there’s never been a dull day. She’s been working on all sorts of reference guides and especially travel-guides. Experimenting with new apps and formats for digital platforms gives that extra “life” to an already exciting work environment.
She laid the foundation to a promising career with an internship at Macmillan India. She holds an M.A (English & Communications studies) degree from GGSIPU and earlier pursued English (Hons) at Delhi University.
She firmly believes in ‘All things digital’ being the future, not just for publishing but also for eLearning on the whole. She compares it to the same wave of change that came with the introduction of computers (over manual labor), mobile phone (over landlines) or even Caxton’s printing (over manuscripts).  Each of these innovations faced a fair share of nay-sayers but ultimately flourished and changed the world. Similarly it is this very novelty of digital publishing which makes it ‘Challenging yet secure’!