Publishing Next Industry Awards 2019

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Due to all conditions not being met to continue with the category, we have had to cancel the following categories: Bookstore of the Year, Editor of the Year, Illustrator of the Year, and Graphic Book of the Year. Similarly, we have had to combine Publisher of the Year, Publisher of the Year (Children's Books) into one category.

The Awards will be presented during the forthcoming Publishing Next conference, on the 21st of September, 2019.

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Shortlisted Entries

Printed Book of the Year (English)


  • A Respectable Woman

    (Zubaan; Authored by Easterine Kire)

  • Across the Universe: The Beatles in India

    (Penguin Random House India; Authored by Ajoy Bose)

  • Clone

    (Zubaan; Authored by Priya Sarukkai Chabria)

  • Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World

    (Penguin Random House India; Authored by Ramachandra Guha)

  • The Empty Room

    (Zubaan; Authored by Sadia Abbas)

Printed Book of the Year (Indian Languages)


  • Angan Mein Ek Ped

    (Yatra Books; Authored by Viky Arya)

  • Badalta Ganv, Badalta Dehaat

    (Oxford University Press; Authored by Satendra Kumar)

  • M F Husain – Kala ka Karmyogi

    (Niyogi Books; Authored by Pradeep Chandra; Translated by Bhuvendra Tyagi)

  • Woh Jo Hain

    (HarperCollins Publishers India; Authored by Meghna Gulzar)

  • Zohra Segal–“Fatty”

    (Niyogi Books; Authored by Kiran Segal; Translated by Bal Kishan Bali)

Printed Children's Book of the Year (Ages 0-8)


  • In My Heart

    (Penguin Random House India; Authored by Nandana Dev Sen)

  • Nani’s Walk to the Park

    (Pratham Books; Authored by Deepa Balsavar)

  • Neel on Wheels

    (Duckbill Books ; Authored by Lavanya Karthik)

  • Red

    (Tulika Publishers; Authored by Sagar Kolwankar)

  • Soda and Bonda

    (Tulika Publishers; Authored by Niveditha Subramaniam)

Printed Children's Book of the Year (Ages 8+)


  • All of Me

    (HarperCollins India; Authored by Venita Coelho)

  • Machher Jhol

    (Pickle Yolk Books; Authored by Richa Jha)

  • Spreading Your Wings

    (Zubaan; Authored by Ariana Abadian-Heifetz)

  • The Lies We Tell

    (Duckbill Books; Authored by Himajali Sankar)

  • Year of the Weeds

    (Duckbill Books; Authored by Siddhartha Sarma)

Illustrated Book of the Year


  • At Home in the World: The Art and Life of Gulammohammed Sheikh

    (Tulika Books (in association with Vadehra Art Gallery); Edited by Chaitanya Sambrani)

  • Calcutta Then, Kolkata Now

    (Roli Books; Authored by Sunanda K. Datta-Ray, Pramod Kapoor, Indrajit Hazra and Anshika Varma)

  • Glorious Hotels of India

    (Roli Books; Authored by Cosmo Samuel Brockway and Harriet Compston)

  • Picturesque India: A Journey in early Picture Postcards (1896-1947)

    (Niyogi Books; Authored by Sangeeta and Ratnesh Mathur)

  • Vivan Sundaram Is Not a Photographer: The Photographic Work of Vivan Sundaram

    (Tulika Books; Authored by Ruth Rosengarten)

Book Cover of the Year (English)


  • Clone

    (Zubaan; Designed by Sukruti Anah Staneley)

  • Hijabistan

    (HarperCollins India; Designed by Amit Malhotra and Samya Arif)

  • Mushtaq Hussain’s Darbari

    (Yoda Press; Designed by Pinaki De)

  • The Empty Room

    (Zubaan; Designed by Sukruti Anah Staneley)

  • The Salt Doll

    (Women Unlimited; Designed by Sunandini Banerjee)

Book Cover of the Year (Indian Languages)


  • Aangan Mein Ek Ped

    (Yatra Books; Designed by Viky Arya)

  • Ghachar Ghochar

    (Vani Prakashan; Designed by Shoeb Shahid)

  • Qissa Qissa Lucknowa

    (Sarthak Prakashan; Designed by Shiraz Hussain)

  • Punnagaikkum Prapanjam

    (Kalachuvadu Publications; Designed by Rohini Mani)

  • Raag Pahadi

    (Rajkamal Prakashan; Designed by Anil Ahuja)

Book Cover of the Year (Children's Books)


  • A Very Naughty Bear

    (Scholastic India; Designed by Suvidha Mistry)

  • Boondi: An Indian Fairy Tale

    (Scholastic India; Designed by Ishan)

  • The Hidden Children: The Lost Grimoire

    (Two Ravens Publishing ; Designed by Junaid Khan)

  • The Jungle Radio

    (Penguin Random House India; Designed by Devangana Dash)

  • Twice Upon a Time

    (Penguin Random House India; Designed by Devangana Dash / Sandhya Prabhat)

Publisher of the Year


  • Bee Books

  • Duckbill Books

  • HarperCollins India

  • Niyogi Books

  • Pickle Yolk Books