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Publisher Website of the Year

This award seeks to recognize the efforts of publishers and authors who have invested in developing a website that is both a source of information as also a marketing tool it has employed to build its brand.

Who should enter?
Publishing companies or self-published authors. In the case of the latter, the website has to be about the book alone and not a personal website of the author. Websites that sell books published by various publishers cannot apply.


  • Effectiveness in achieving website goals (goals may be advertising of catalogue, sale of books, brand building tool, engagement with authors)
  • Presence of “Non-sale content” (such as blogs, information about publishing house, information about authors)
  • Quality of browsing experience (related to cross-platform compatibility, intuitive use of navigational buttons and menus, ability to “find” information easily, absence of dead links, time to load, etc.)
  • Visual appeal, professional experience and freshness of content

Submit your application here. Alternately you may email contactus@publishing-next.com requesting an entry form or download one here.