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Praba Ram

prabaramPraba is a children’s writer, a reading specialist and an early literacy advocate. She is the founder of the kid-lit blog, Saffron Tree – an award winning site dedicated to recommending and reviewing children’s books from India and the US. Praba believes in the power of books and its positive impact on children, especially when introduced in the early years of childhood. While in the US, she got involved as a Storytime Facilitator for the Ready-to-Read Program implementing story hours for children with limited library access. During those two years, Praba planned several fun read-aloud programs incorporating an array of themes and books, which never failed to delight children. She enjoys reading-aloud and interacting with babies/toddlers, preschoolers and children in early school age. As for writing, she enjoys writing about environmental and cultural themes. She has also co-authored four books for children, her most recent one being “The Endangered Animals of India” published by Mango Books of Cochin.

Praba has always been passionate about the public sector and has had several short stints at many NGOs and non-profits focusing on education issues primarily. She has an undergraduate degree in Management Studies from BITS, Pilani and a Masters in Public Policy from University of California at Los Angeles. Having recently moved back with her family from the East Coast of the US to the East Coast of India, this chai & travel-loving mother is happy to be raising her two daughters in the culturally rich, but known near and far for its forever-hot-and-humid weather that is the city of Chennai.