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Marketing to a Young Audience – Getting children and adolescents to read

This session will discuss the third link in the chain that follows new authors and new publishers, namely new readers. With India increasingly becoming a young country, it becomes imperative upon publishers to attract young readers, especially when other media vie for their attention. Scope:

  • Marketing tools employed for books for children/YA
  • Understanding reading habits among children (what attracts children to books)
  • Success stories where children have been drawn towards books
  • Books as educators, just not entertainers (development of “good” books)
  • Do we have to sacrifice substance over style to make books more appealing to children?
  • What are the competencies that publishers must build to develop books that children like to read?
  • What steps must be taken to develop good books in Indian languages?
  • Can TV extensions be better used to engage children?



  • Sayoni Basu, Duckbill »
  • Chandni Khanna, Hippocampus »
  • Shobha Viswanath, Karadi Tales »
  • Suzanne Singh, Pratham Books »
  • Swati Roy, Eureka Bookstore and Bookaroo »