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Meethil Momaya

Meethil Momaya

Meethil Momaya

Meethil Momaya, a professional wildlife photographer, has won international awards and his photographs and articles about Indian wildlife have been published in books, magazines, national newspapers and websites.

In 2013, Meethil and his wife Ahalya, set up The Eternal Library, a library consultancy in Mumbai. Soon after, they started Trilogy, a curated library and bookstore in Mumbai. Over the last five years, Trilogy has earned a loyal customer base, and is well-known for its curated and thematic pop-up bookshops in various literary, cultural, and knowledge events.

Trilogy won the Publishing Next Best Bookstore of the Year award in 2018.

Meethil is the author of Eye Can See, a book about lenses and Let’s Play, a book about science in sports, both published by Pratham books.