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Greg Acuna

Greg-AcunaGreg Acuna has an unusual combination of business and creative experiences from writing, directing and producing media projects to managing complex ventures for major IT companies. He has a degree in political science from University of Southern California and a Masters degree in playwriting from San Francisco State University.

Greg has written/directed one feature film, co-written two other produced features and been a script doctor on several projects. Other accomplishments include two novels, several productions of his plays, poetry published in four countries, composing songs, directing music videos, and writing articles. He has taught screenwriting at the university level.

He has also been a consultant for Paramount Pictures, Exchange Cubed, Arthur Anderson, CNA and others. Greg has lived in Goa, India for the past 12 years.

His major creative projects include:

  • The Document, SciFi, (Novel), Writer, In Progress
  • Revolution American Style, Political Satire, (Novel), Writer, 2011
  • Earthlings, Edutainment (Animation/Live-Action Series), Writer/Director, 2006-2009
  • Buddha’s Dead, Literary, (Novel), 2005
  • Sister Sonali, (Music Videos), Director, 2004-5
  • Romeo & Juliet, Stage Video, (Drama), Director, 2001
  • Girls Night Out, Feature Film, (Drama), Co-Writer, 1994
  • Sisters, Feature Film, (Action), Co-Writer, 1993
  • Marriage of Inconvenience, Feature Film, (Comedy), Writer/Director, 1990, San Francisco
  • No Place Like Home, Stage Play, (Drama), Writer, 1988, Miami
  • Breakfast, Stage Play, (Experimental), Writer,  1987, Krakow, Poland
  • People, Stage Play, (Experimental), Writer, 1985, San Francisco
  • A Day in the Park, Stage Play, (Drama), Writer, 1985, San Francisco
  • Family’s All Here, Stage Play, (Comedy), Writer/Director, 1984, San Francisco

As a writer Greg is driven by the passion to tell stories that he finds meaningful. Much of that has to do with looking at the world differently and expressing it in a way that is both entertaining and though provoking. He works consistently, writing four to six hours a day while on a project. Though writing is often a difficult process, he finds the progression of a creative work a highly fulfilling and exciting endeavour that is well worth the time and effort.