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Speaker’s Profile : Esha Béteille

Esha Béteille
Founder and Publisher, Social Science Press

Esha Béteille is an independent publisher based in Delhi. She owns Social Science Press which has a list that displays the work of world-­class authors. Before beginning her own Press Esha Beteille was an editor in Oxford University Press where she worked for sixteen years. She left OUP as a Senior Commissioning Editor.

Social Science Press has always been interested in developing a good academic list which would serve the needs of the scholarly community and society as a whole by disseminating knowledge. The Press is also very clear about the importance of reflecting all shades of opinions and not any particular idea. For instance, we have books on gender but we are not a feminist press. The Press brings in new knowledge and publishes books on everyday life of marginalised people.

Social Science Press publishes books in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, with a strong concentration in History, Politics, Sociology, and Anthropology. It has woven, into this, the fabric of the society we live in. To this end the Press publishes books on important subjects, which are written lucidly in order to make them accessible to a large reading public. The books lend clarity and cogency to the confusions of everyday life, which in turn, bring in some modest way, a better understanding of one’s social and political world.

Aurum Books is an imprint of Social Science Press, and covers books which reflect the social and political landscape, but through narrative fiction, fiction, and political and social commentary.