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Does content really need to be free on the internet?

The world is fast moving towards more and more content being consumed on digital platforms like smartphones and tablets. The device revolution is changing the reader behavior. Now, users want rich, enhanced and interactive content everywhere, be it magazines, newspapers or books. And with loads of user generated content in form of blogs and Q & A on forums etc., the premium content publishers in print and digital are taking a hit as readers are into the belief that anything which is on the Internet , has to be free. The print sales are already on the decline with the magazines shutting down in the West and, recently, in India with Outlook discontinuing their alliance to publish Marie Claire, People  & Geo. In such a fast changing technology, how can publishers still change the strategy and look further to beat the trends.

In this session, there will be discussion on:

  • Monetization of Content in the digital world : We’ll talk about various  monetization models apart from advertisements

  • User behavior on Digital devices and how it affects the publishing industry

  • How Independent/Freelance authors and publishers can ride the elephant of digital publishing rather than being wary of it

  • How to leverage social media and various aspects of content consumption and discovery

Conducted by Amit Goel »