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Digital Book of the Year

This award seeks to recognize a book that pushes the boundaries of editorial, design and technical excellence within the domain of digital publishing, making the best use of available technology to create a book that enriches its genre. The submissions must demonstrate an understanding of the potential of digital books in reaching its audience.

Who should enter?
Publishing companies or self-published authors. Companies providing digital publishing services can only apply through the publishing company/self-published author for whom the book was developed.

Entries must pertain only to books published after 1st May 2015, and must be submitted as non-DRM files. Each submission must be “as the product sells,” that is, the content of the entry must be the same as the book offered for sale to the public.

Please note that each publisher can submit only 3 (three) entries for this category.


  • Choice of cover: Does the cover stand out? Does it appeal to the reader?
  • Editorial excellence: Is it a “fresh” book or is it one that has been overdone? Do the grammar, style, voice employed in the book make you want to keep reading? Is the book apt for the digital medium?
  • Appropriateness of technology and usability for the target group: This criteria relates to the use of technology and quality of design relative to the genre. Does the target group find it easy to navigate or interact with the ebook? Does the technology employed make the ebook cumbersome to read? Has an innovative approach been employed?
  • Relevance of the book: Importance of the book in the present context, especially in the form of an ebook. Rationale behind the author/publisher to invest in the book
  • Contribution of the book towards the enrichment of its genre: Is the book or any of its features worth emulating? Has a standard been set?

Submit your application here. Alternately you may download this form by clicking here, fill it and either email the form and eBook to us at contactus@publishing-next.com or send your form with a CD containing the eBook to:

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Postal entries (ebooks on CD) must reach us before the last date of submission. The size of the submitted files must not exceed 10 MB.

Previous Winners:

2015: Korma, Kheer and Kismet (Aleph Book Company) and The Dramatic Decade (Rupa Publications)
2014: Too Much Noise (Pratham Books)