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C. P. Viswanath

C. P. Viswanath

C.P. Viswanath is an educator, musician and entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Karadi Tales, India’s pioneering children’s audiobook and picture books venture and Karadi Path Education Company, that is changing the way language is being taught in classrooms. He is also the Director of Pedagogy, Isha Vidhya Rural Schools which runs 9 schools and provides academic intervention in over 3000 Government schools. He has an international business experience of over 25 years, and is an accomplished Carnatic classical vocalist and mridangist, having given over 1000 public performances.

Karadi Tales has been an integral part of thousands of childhoods both in India and overseas. The products have consistently set new standards of excellence and have been acclaimed and awarded internationally.

Karadi Path’s radically unique approach to language learning has demonstrated significantly higher outcomes and learning efficiencies. This has led over 3000 and 750,000 children to adopt Karadi Path as a superior alternative to conventional methods.

As a proponent of alternative and creative education in India, Viswanath has been rethinking entrenched systems and faulty pedagogies. Mr. Viswanath writes and speaks on education, publishing and music. He has spoken at TEDx, CII and FICCI conferences, ICSE and CBSE National meets, and at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.