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Book Cover of the Year

This award seeks to reward good cover design and the ability of the designer to adequately exploit the visual medium to convey the “soul of the book” and push the boundaries on book cover design. It will take into account not just the illustrations and typography employed on the front cover, rather the entire cover including its spine and back.

Who should enter?
Book cover designers, or publishers on their behalf. There must be separate entries for each title. Entries should pertain only to those books published after 1st May 2015.

Please note that each cover designer, or publisher, can submit only 3 (three) entries for this category.

Covers will be evaluated in its entirety, design of spine and blurb will be equally important. eBook and printed book covers can both be submitted for evaluation. In the case of eBooks, the blurb text may be submitted if a back cover is not designed.

For printed books, the entire artwork should be submitted as one digital file. In the case of ebooks, the front and back cover should be submitted together in a .zip file. In both cases only digital files will be accepted. If you are submitting your entry in hard copy, you may email the file(s) to contactus@publishing-next.com or write them on a CD and post it to the address listed below.


  • Appropriateness for the subject/plot of the book: Does it adequately represent the book’s contents? Is it appropriate for the genre of the book?
  • Aesthetic appeal of the cover: Choice of images and typography, layout and design. Does the cover engage the reader enough? Is the cover too cluttered in a way that confuses the reader?
  • Design of spine, blurb and flaps (if present)
  • Degree of experimentation with art, typography and quality of design. This criteria seeks to establish the degree to which the envelope is pushed in matters relating to the elements of the cover.

Each designer, or publisher, can submit only 3 (three) entries for this category.

Submit your application here. Please submit each book cover separately. Since there is no provision to “save” the application and resume later, the entire application must be completed before submitting.

Alternately you may download the application by clicking here. After completing the downloaded form, you may email it to us along with a CD containing a digital image of the cover, at contactus@publishing-next.com or post it to us at:

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Postal entries must be received before the last date of submission. In case you are unable to download the form, email us at contactus@publishing-next.com.