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Badri Seshadri

Badri SeshadriBadri Seshadri is the co-founder of New Horizon Media Pvt. Ltd. (NHM) an end-to-end Publishing company in Tamil Nadu. NHM publishes books in Tamil language, distributed third party books in Tamil Nadu market and has recently started on book retailing operation through physical book shops, phone sales and Internet sales.

Publishing infrastructure is sorely lacking across India. Over the last nine years, Badri has worked on various aspects of this. Setting up a professional editorial infrastructure including producing quality translations from English to Tamil, building a distribution infrastructure to cover the entire state and building non-standard outlets beyond the book shops to sell books. The last brick in this set up is to bring a degree of professionalism to book retail itself. Badri is working on building a statewide network of shops selling all Tamil books, combined with phone and Internet operation to build scale and efficiency.

Badri graduated with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Madras and a Ph.D from Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He also co-founded Cricinfo.