Working Capital || PANEL DISCUSSION on the Viability of Publishing Translations
With more publishers launching imprints for literary translations from and into Indian languages, this discussion will focus on the economics and feasibility of publishing translations. The panel will also cast an eye over the academic texts coming into Indian languages.
Moderator: Manisha Choudhry
Panelists: Arshia Sattar | Kabani C | Karthika VK | Sugata Ghosh


Bibliodiversity || PANEL DISCUSSION on Resisting Monocultures of the Mind
The bedrock of the publishing vocation is a set of values that supports and propagates the diversity of ideas. However, current industry practices and the attitudes they engender are diminishing these values. The speakers on this panel will address the importance of diverse publishing and the responsibilities it entails on the part of everyone, including authors.
Moderator: Ritu Menon
Panelists: Arpita Das | Indu Chandrasekhar | Mandira Sen | Rakesh Khanna | Yogesh Maitreya


Value Added || PANEL DISCUSSION on Partnerships and Collaborations
Can two or more publishers collaborate to capitalise on their respective strengths in the marketplace? Quite a few examples exist in the Indian publishing industry. The panelists in this session will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such partnerships among publishers.
Moderator: Arpita Das
Panelists: Ananth Padmanabhan | CP Vishwanath | Mandira Sen | Rakesh Khanna


Staying Alive || PANEL DISCUSSION on the Economics of (Independent) Publishing
Even as big business is fostering consolidation in the global publishing industry, publishing houses, especially the independents, are finding ways to sustain and continue their business. The speakers on this panel will talk about the challenges that they must overcome and the factors that aid them in their endeavour.
Moderator: Vinutha Mallya
Panelists: Ravi Singh | Sudhanva Deshpande | Yogesh Maitreya