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Anuradha Goyal

anuradha-goyalAnuradha Goyal is an Innovation consultant by profession and has co-authored India Innovate series for CII. She helps clients come up with ideas for new growth channels for their organizations and is actively documenting the innovative business models in the country today. She is also an avid blogger and authors a popular travel blog from India besides a book reviews blog with more than 300 book reviews written over a decade.

Anuradha believes that new ideas happen at the intersection of various disciplines. Her travels make her absorb ideas from the cultures that she gets to interact with in this age and space while books bring together the ideas from across various eras and timelines. Put together these can lead to a lot of new ideas for most scenarios.

As a book reviewer she feels that through the written word author and the reader meet at an intersection of their individual experiences, that is why every reader reads the same book differently. Book reviewers bring out this connect with the works and its potential readers and help readers choose the works that they might like to read and in turn impact the acceptance of the work. This is a fast emerging space as blogs allow unlimited space for this form of expression specially for niche areas within this vast universe.

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