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Alaham Anil Kumar

Anil-Kumar3Alaham Anil Kumar, an accomplished publishing professional and a bookseller with a career spanning over 15 years experience in both local and international markets, possesses comprehensive knowledge of Retailing, Publishing, Consumer Marketing, Sales, Production, Distribution, Digital Media, Promotions and Branding that is essential in the book industry. Throughout the career, Anil has demonstrated natural aptitude for new business by offering solutions with careful diagnosis of issues that impede business performance.

Anil was one of the founding directors that launched globally acclaimed literary journal, Asia Literary Review. Till recently he was Publishing Director to handle publishing functions at Asia Literary Review based in Hong Kong. He has also completed “The Publishers Training Programme” at The Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A) in March 2011. He was on the board of SOPA (Society of Publishers in Asia), a not-for-profit organization where he headed the Sub-Committee of Events and Professional Development as its Chairman for the year 2010-2011.

Anil Kumar is also one of the Founders of Bangalore Literature Festival apart from co-founding Comma365.com, the online bookstore from Bangalore.  Anil runs the company The Book Court as its Founder, Director. The Book Court emphasizes importance of books and curates books for International schools, corporate houses, professional colleges and libraries to bring back the joy of reading among the respective audiences.

Anil has participated in worlds best literary festivals such as Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, HK International Literature Festival and Singapore Writers Festival as sponsor whilst at Asia Literary Review.

He can be reached at anil.kumar@thebookcourt.com or on +91 9986024818. Anil strongly feels that book retail business is here to stay and advocates on how important it is for any community to have independent bookstores.