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While the registration fees do not cover accommodation during the conference, here are some options you can exercise. These rates are especially discounted for the conference so it might be better for you to book these through us.

  • Hotel Ginger: This hotel is across the street from the venue. The place is decent and clean.
    The rates are Rs. 2000/- per night for single occupancy and Rs. 2200/- per night for double occupancy.
  • Afonso Guest House: This hotel is about a 8-minute walk from the venue. It is styled like a bed and breakfast in a heritage area of the city.
    The rates are Rs. 2200/- per night.
  • Hospedaria Abrigo de Botelho: Another bed-and-breakfast type similar to Afonso Guest House, and very close to it, in the same quarter of the city
    The rates range from Rs. 2100/- to Rs. 2500/- depending on the type of rooms.
  • Palacio de Goa: This low-budget hotel is clean but is a distance away from the hotel. Buses are available from a bus-stop that is 5 minutes away. The conference venue itself is a 20-minute walk. In this hotel, options for 4-bed and 5-bed rooms are also available. Please email for details of those rooms.
    The rates per night are Rs. 1676/- per night for non-a/c and Rs. 1948/- per night for a/c for a twin-bedded room

For more details, please email us at contactus@publishing-next.com