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​Shriya Ghate

Shriya​Shriya Ghate is the editor of TINKLE Digest. Her series ‘Mos Queeto – A Muzzle of Blood’ which appeared in TINKLE Digest, won her the Best Continuing Graphic Series award at the Comic Con India Awards in Feb 2014. She was also nominated in the Best Writer category for her series ‘Chiyo’.

Previously, Shriya worked for Sheldrake Press, a non-fiction publisher in London, UK. In the past she has worked with Hindustan Times, but began her media career with the National Award winning film, ‘Leaving Home – The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ in 2006.

As the editor of a publication that has been part of the Indian childhood experience for over three decades, Shriya has the task of balancing the magazine’s tried and tested storytelling with the wish to provide contemporary and relevant entertainment to today’s children.

Shriya likes to challenge her readers with unusual storytelling and art, previously unseen in TINKLE. She also feels a responsibility to expose readers to different points of view, especially when dealing with culture and gender stereotypes.

As one of the few female comic book writers working in the country today, Shriya is constantly on the lookout for other female voices in the industry.

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