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Brij Singh

Brij SinghBrij is a co-founder of Fliplog, a tablet and mobile publishing initiative for the content and education market. At Fliplog, he is responsible for content publishing strategy, mobile and cloud platform design, publisher engagement and developing innovative content experience formats. As part of Fliplog, he launched Kidosphere.com – India’s first mobile apps platform for toddlers and preschools. He is also working with leading publishers in bringing their content to various smartphone and tablet devices.

His passion lies in the overlapping area of technology and creative content. He aims to solve emerging challenges in publishing and education industry. Rules of content creation, content distribution and content consumption are getting rewritten with rapid advances in mobile and cloud technologies. Focus is shifting to experience and storytelling process. He believes technology should be a creative force in maintaining our relationship with the storytelling process. Through his work at Fliplog, he is ensuring that the creative voices stay relevant in an era of low attention span and rising digital noise.

He is also founder of MessageDance, a social email delivery service. While at MessageDance, he conceptualized industry’s first email-to-social gateway. Prior to his entrepreneurial experience, Brij was working at various technology companies in California.

Brij holds an Electrical Engineering degree from IIT Roorkee.