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Amit Goel

amit-goelAmit Goel is the Founder & CEO of Patterbuzz, a Bangalore based technology start up focussing on the future of Digital publishing industry. A technology evangelist , he studies various aspects of content delivery on companion devices, content monetization, ever changing users’ content consumption behaviour and content analytics. In the past, Amit has worked in the capacity of Innovation & Product manager with NDS (acquired by CISCO systems) leading the NDS India innovation team in the area of Digital Pay TV technologies, and with global teams on targeted advertising, user behaviours in content consumption, content discovery, Over the Top content delivery and digital publishing. Amit has worked extensively with content providers and broadcasters in the area of new technologies and represented NDS in various conferences. Currently, he is working on technology product to enable Indian content reach the global audience on every device and make them pay for it, thus helping publishers reap the benefit of technology.

Amit is a big advocate of users paying for high quality content. He believes that content providers can survive and grow manifold only if users pay for the content, given that the content providers increasingly produce premium quality content. Amit is a big proponent of social media and user experience and believes that if both are executed with the correct strategies, publishers can connect better and make lasting relationship with their audience. Amit agrees that the news will always be free on the internet. He is also against plagiarism and supports that active measures should be taken to protect content piracy with the use of technology as much as possible. He connects with the technology industry in various forums actively to participate and provide an opinion on emerging trends.

Patterbuzz is a technology product enabling publishers to have an End To End digital content marketplace. It enables publishers to focus on their core strength of producing high quality content and takes care of content distribution in a rich, enhanced, interactive and gamified way on any device, any place,any time. Patterbuzz has innovative business models including unbundling content enabling users to pay for what they read.

Amit can be reached on twitter at @amitgoel1287 and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/amitgoel1287